Vector Analytics leverages data mining and data science techniques to provide strategic insight to organizations in the materials, defense, and aerospace industries.

Projects we like to engage in:

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Forecasting

  • Data Mining

  • Text Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Information Retrieval Systems

  • Database / Datawarehouse Design

We are data scientists and data explorers, unafraid to take on hard-to-define projects. Talk to us today about your analytics needs.​

Some of the specific Tools We use:

  • Linear / Logistic Regression

  • Decision Trees

  • Neural Networks

  • Topic Modeling

  • Clustering

  • Association Rule Mining (Market Basket Analysis)

  • Lucene / Solr

  • Forecasting Models


We make sure the data generated from research is truly market intelligence.

programming languages we leverage:

  • Python

  • R

  • SQL

  • SAS 

We've even been know to throw together a little PHP/HTML to mock-up a front-end or develop a simple user interface when we need to.