Vector Analytics 2017 US Military Ground Vehicle Procurement Forecast is ready for immediate delivery to clients now! Review a prospectus of the forecast by clicking on the blue button below.

​When you purchase our current forecast now, we also include a completely new forecast (i.e. a new report) after the FY18 budget is released. Actual publication date is dependent on when the new Presidential Administration releases their FY18 budget request. Two reports for the price of one!

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Vector Analytics uses data science and analytics to develop platforms, dashboards, and reports that provide strategic insight for organizations in the advanced materials, aerospace and defense, high tech, and other B2B industries.  Review projects we've completed.

We merge our analytic capabilities with traditional market research skills to provide business and market intelligence that is actionable and dynamic.  We can mine your structured or unstructured data and provide predictive models, forecasts, business intelligence dashboards, and benchmarking reports.  We can augment your data and market intelligence with technical data from other sources to add more value to your data assets.

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"We leverage data science and analytics to provide real value for our clients. We don't do analytics for analytics sake, because its the hottest buzz word. We do it because using leading edge analytics and big data techniques allows us to provide strategic insight that our clients have never seen before." 

Marcia Price, 2017 

Vector Analytics leverages data mining and data science techniques to provide strategic insight to organizations in the materials, defense, and aerospace industries.